Richard Orellana

Black and Gray. Realism. Lettering

Dedicated to quality work and getting the job done at the highest standards. Only the best equipment and supplies are used to ensure you are treated like royalty. Experience his work, and see the difference.


How long is a normal tattoo session?

Tattoo sessions with Ritchie start at 2pm and end about 10pm. During the time of your appointment you will be able to take several breaks, eat and pause when needed.

How is pricing done and how can I get a quote?

Pricing is determined by the piece, not the hour. Because every tattoo is unique in its own way, the pricing varies from piece to piece. Fill out the form here for a quote.

Why is a deposit needed, is it refundable?

A deposit is required to ensure the client is serious about the work to be done. All deposits are final and go towards the overall cost of the work.

"Respect the Craft"

-Richard Orellana

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